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Sunday, 1 November 2009

How to Wear Faux Fur Coats and Not Look Like a Giant Furby.

Working out how to wear the trickier trends.

I saw an article in Look magazine about fur coats being an investment piece for the season, but in the wrong hands they could look hideous.

When I was at Primary School, I played Aunt Sponge in a performance of ‘James and the Giant Peach’. For the role I was forced into a big, bushy, cheap, pink, faux fur coat, not dissimilar to many that are on the catwalk at the moment. It was intensely hot and made me look a little like a marshmallow. However, it is possible to wear coats of the large, faux fur variety and look pretty cool.

First of all, it’s all about proportions. In order to balance out the giant nature of the coat, the wearer needs to be tall (or heeled) and have slim legs. Otherwise one could easily start to look a bit like a big fur ball. Secondly, in order to avoid looking like a prostitute, its best to wear it with plain dark clothes – black skinny jeans would be a good call or a body con dress and tights. Just make sure that leg wear is clearly visible below the coat.

When selecting your fur coat, go for a natural colour, non-natural coloured coats will definitely look cheap. Brown or black is a good idea.

Makeup wise, keep it simple. Black winged eyeliner can give your outfit an edge without overpowering your face. Hair wise, unless it’s short, it’s best to wear such a coat with your hair up so it doesn’t look like an extension of the fur.

A faux fur coat is very much an investment piece. There is no point buying a cheap, vile one because it will look cheap and vile and you’ll never wear it. Go top end high street or vintage.

The best example I have seen of someone working the faux fur in a non-Furby manner, is the picture Claudia Winkleman at a Halloween party recently.

Written by Kate Lloyd

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  1. As we both know Claudia Winkelman can wear most things with aplomb.....you just need to watch Strictly It Takes Two and see what she is wearing!!!!!
    Avid Stictly Fan !