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Friday, 27 November 2009

My Favourite Gym Pants.

A declaration of love..

Yes, visiting the gym has plenty of things going for it in the long run, but I think it’s fair to say that this is hard to bear in mind each and every time you visit. 

There’s a lot to contest with when planning a trip to the gym: making the journey there without already looking like you’ve done a full work out and preparing a hair style that won’t end up stuck to your face when the sweat kicks in. 

Let’s face it, we all want to look as good as one can expect whilst exercising frantically and this isn’t easy. 

One way I like to improve the prospect of a trip to the gym is my choice of attire and recently my new gym pants have been highly motivational. Think the Pussycat Dolls back in the ‘Don’t Cha’ phase. Think achingly cool dancers rehearsing for a world tour. Think my ‘I love 3 stripe’ red Adidas gym pants. 

The trousers may not be fully practical; the stitching is lovely and shiny but tends to rub a little on the knees when performing hideous (yet necessary) leg exercises. 

It’s fair to say these gym pants may not have been designed for intense exercise but surely that’s a perfect reason not to do any. 

They keep me exercising because, if I don't keep moving in them, I break into a Pussycat Dolls dance routine and no one wants to see that. 

Written by Hannah Middleton.

How to dress like you’re from EASTENDERS without their wardrobe budget!

Ever wished to look as good as your fave TV star?

You can now look as gorgeous as these classy Walford wonders with some brilliant bargain buys! 

When I found this dress (pictured left) on savvy internet site www.asos.com, I was amazed at its resemblance to Kara Tointon’s number she donned for this years soap awards (pictured right). The beautifully structured strappy even mirrors the under wired cup structure of the dress worn by the star, as well as being a perfect match colour wise- what a find! And the best is yet to come... This piece will set you back just £55! A steal for any special occasion! 

With pastels being this season’s must have you can’t go wrong! 

Your browser may not support display of this image. 
Everybody loves a bit of Patsy Palmer don’t they... and rightly so! Britain’s favourite red head is pictured left on the red carpet, looking as elegant as ever. (Well, ok maybe she doesn’t look as elegant on screen as Bianca!) However, the star sure does look beaming in this snap. And hey, you could to! 

A squeeze at just £35, www.axparis.co.uk is offering a sensational maxi complete with jewel detail for that extra spurt of elegance. Complete the look with gorgeous shoes. Sequin capped courts are brilliant if you want to spice up your wardrobe with that little bit of glamour. Check them out at www.newlook.co.uk for an incredible £22! Add classy pearls and you’re away- delicate but bold enough to make a statement at the same time. £12 at www.marksandspencer.com!

Written by Olivia Morley.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Customisation Station.

How to turn something old, borrowed or blue into something new.

In honour of our new NYC writer, I thought I would show you how to make an 'I LOVE NY' top look less Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen 'New York Minute' and more Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen 'Elizabeth and James' Fall Collection.

(If you haven't seen 'New York Minute' -WATCH IT, ITS AMAZING!)

Customisation of the t-shirt was a simple procedure. I cut off the sleeves and the tight neck bit and pulled the material so it stretched and curled up at the edges (no need to hem.) 

I wanted it cropped with a curved hem at the front. I put the top on and marked the length I wanted it at my sides and in the middle and then cut between those marks and stretched it again. SIMPLE.

To tone down the bright red heart, I found a black lacy top (absolutely vile) in my 'to cut up' pile and lay a square of it over the heart. I pinned it down and sewed (using a running stitch- two steps forward one step back) about 0.3cm away from the edge of the heart. Once completed, I cut around the very edge of the heart. 


This would look pretty snazzy done with any sheer fabric, but I like the lace as it looks a little gothic.

Written by Kate Lloyd.

What to Wear to a Wedding.

We work out what to wear for the most difficult of moments.

Everyone loves a wedding but, after you RSVP, you face one of life’s biggest wardrobe dilemmas. Whilst you want to look your best, unless the bride is marrying your ex-boyfriend, upstaging her is a no-no. Nevertheless, as weddings go hand in hand with an excessive amount of photography, your outfit will no doubt cause you hours of deliberation and a lot of cash. Choose wisely and the rugged best man will be yours.

The golden rule of wedding dressing is to avoid any shade that may result in you being mistaken for the bride. White, ivory and champagne are off the cards.  

At a wedding that I recently attended, I came to the conclusion that formal is the best plan of action even though some people err on the side of casual i.e. scruffy.

Opulent fabrics such as silks and satins look great on pictures but to avoid unsightly stains I suggest a bib and steering clear of all drunken relatives.

Before hitting the shops, check the location; a strapless, low-cut dress in an icy church is not only inappropriate but chilly. Add a jacket or a faux fur stole  keep you toasty whilst the happy couple say their I-dos. Similarly, if you’re only attending the evening knees-up, you can afford to dress a little more extravagantly; so shorter hemlines, higher heels and more makeup are a yes.

Lest you forgot that you could be in your wedding outfit (and scarily high new shoes) for ten hours so make sure your outfit can take the strain. 

Don’t pick anything too tight and consider Magic Knickers. These bad boys will hold that gut in but expect to spend a good twenty minutes pulling them back up again. (Think Friend’s Ross in the bathroom in his leather trousers.)

Accessories can make or break an outfit and weddings seem to send people wild for coordination. Whilst that matching hat, bag and shoe combo may seem like the easy option, it can look painfully conceited and over-thought. Pick out a few colours and stick to them when accessorising.

Tell the bride she looks beautiful, flirt with the barman for a free drink and spend all evening rummaging around in your clutch for your lippy and a night of fun and frivolity is guaranteed. A wedding is an excuse to treat yourself to a gorgeous new outfit so be bold, be brave and you could give the bride a run for her money!

Written by Katherine Cliffe.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

NYC Style: How to Wear a Beanie Hat.

New York Blogger, Gotham Hipster's, tips and tricks from her city.


The beanie has been made popular by celebrities like Emma Roberts, Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. They can be found throughout the streets of NY, but beanie etiquette, so to speak, can be benefitted from internationally.
If not worn properly the beanie has potential to look like:

“I was too lazy this morning to put together an outfit, instead I just threw a sock over my head and walked out the door.” 

The beanie can lead an outfit in the “faux hipster” direction, so to balance the cozy hat one must be cautious.
Taking cues from Katie Holmes, a tight top-half and baggy boyfriend jeans teamed with a cute pair of textured flats play nicely with the material of the hat.

Jessica Alba also works the beanie quite well. By pairing a fun graphic tee with skinny jeans and lace up boots she looks ready for any condition.

Unfortunately Rihanna has fallen into the realm of what I like to call “death by beanie.” By wearing her hair tightly pulled back and the rest of her ensemble tightly fit, her large  beanie completely consumes her.

It might seem that the beanie has more cons than pros, but don’t let that discourage you, the beanie can enhance your outfit in a unique way, especially if you have bangs.  I have yet to see the beanie be worn in a more fancy social setting, but there's nothing to stop you from being the first to do so! Just remember the tips and you’re set!
Written by Gotham Hipster. 

Monday, 23 November 2009


Charity shop chic.

What better excuse for a bit of retail therapy eh?
Proving charity shops are not just for grannies,
these girls show us how to spot a charity shop gem and
team it with high street basics for effortlessly cool vintage appeal…
Shelly Asquith, 18, loves festivals and is addicted to buying rings!  

Blazer, £1 from Charity Shop. 
Scarf, a gift from a friend.  
Jeans, £40 from Topshop.  
Shelly found this bargain buy in a charity shop in London. 

A good, tailored jacket is timeless and is easy to adapt to the latest trends for day or evening.  

Wear with jeans, understated hair and make-up for day. Or wear over a little black dress or lots of jewellery for going out. Do as Shelly does and scrunch up the sleeves for a more just-thrown-this-on style.

Emma Livermore, 18, loves art and hair accessories.

Jacket £15 from Charity Shop
Scarf £12 from H&M
Headscarf £10 from H&M
Emma looked in the men’s section for this oversized leather jacket.  

It’s always a good idea to have a look in charity shops for leather or patent items that you want to look a bit distressed or worn in from day one. This loose fitting jacket doesn’t look overstyled so Emma dresses it up with an oh- so-cute headscarf which also balances out look with a feminine touch.

Charlie Price, 20, studies photography.

Shirt £3 from Charity Shop
Jacket £50 Topshop
Bracelets £5 Miss Selfridge
The leather jacket/checked shirt combo is a classic but can be at risk of getting boring. Charlie resists looking cliché here by choosing an oversized shirt in a more unusual yellow pattern and leaves it creased for that laid back feel.  

Clashing colours, prints and patterns are an excellent way of making your look original and quirky but decide on an overall colour tone for your outfit to prevent your clashes turning catastrophic!
Written by Rosanna Lee.

Friday, 20 November 2009

From my Perspective: Clothes are Boring.

A fresh look at fashion.

“Clothes bore me. They are terrible things, cons, like vitamins, astrology, pizzas, skating rinks, pop music, heavyweight championship fights”- Charles Bukowski. 

Charles Bukowski really had a point didn’t he? 

In our world of consumerist madness, if you don’t look slick and you don’t look like you could cosy up with Peter Jones the giant or Duncan Banatine on Dragons Den, then your life is ultimately going to be a fruitless, horrific, short and downright shitheap. 

If you don’t represent the ruggid, chiseled rogue that graces the front cover of soft-porn, soft-LADs mag GQ, then you’re not going to be successful in your life. Get a well-fitting pinstripe grey suit and get a bit of designer stubble then you’re set. 

Look at the way Piers Morgan smugly looks at us from his smugly written column in smug GQ, and look how smug he looks in his little smug suit. He’s successful, and he dresses likes a smug twat, so surely we should do the same?

But as Bukowski said, this is all a con. Why should we care what clothes we wear? Surely the fact that we are clothed is enough? 

The illusion that clothing is important has been creating by these companies to sell their products, and to make a few feel important. 

I think the Communists had it right- uniformity. Imagine. Waking up every day, walking over to your wardrobe, and the only choice you would have to make would be- short sleeved or long sleeved shirt. It would be amazing! No one would be judged, no one out casted for not wearing the latest Armani suit, but instead on his or her inner beauty. No pressure, no fear.

As modern men, this pressure is constantly upon us. Advertising makes us fear not being up-to-date with the latest fashion, we actually fear what the repercussions will be if we’re not smothered in the latest aftershave (bogwash) that has the name of some airhead, twat-of-a D-list celebrity (see Peter Andre’s Insania) plastered on it. 

These heartless, dark figures in advertising, in their ivory-tower offices make us fear the repercussions of not buying their product; we actually are scared of what could happen! The girl we like won’t talk to us, we won’t get that promotion we want, we won’t get our Job Seekers Allowance, and our Parole Officer won’t let us out for our daughters 5th birthday party, ALL because we didn’t buy that fucking fragrance.  Insania, quite. 

Written by Jonny Keyworth.

Procrastination Station.

Our favourite vaguely fashion related procrastinatory material on the web.

The Procrastination Station Link of the Week is:  
Go Fug Yourself.

I have been addicted to this site for a couple of years now. It basically ridicules hilarious celebrity fashion choices in a light hearted way and is funny without being (too) mean.

Written by Kate Lloyd.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

How to Update Your Look for Five Pounds.

Hello meagre student budget!

So you've been shopping at Waitrose this week and have been out far too much and therefore only have five pounds left to your name. Ever the optimist you are determined to change your image with these five coins,  but how to go about it?

I plead, do not buy hairdressing scissors. It’s not worth it. 

Also, do not do what I have done with my sacred fashion money and invest in a high fashion magazine when you know deep down you will only get jealous and upset. 

But, don’t despair about looking more Primark Essentials than high fashion, I have discovered some bargain basement purchases that will make your money go further.

Blackcurrant Lips - Forget strawberries and pales, this season's lip is much darker with a gothic edge. Stars are coating their pouts with blackberry goodness. Although we would love to splash out on Armani’s lipstick for £14.50 in black plum our budget purses would be weeping in desperation at such a frivolous buy, so head to Superdrug and Barry M. Too scared to attempt dark lips? Try it on your nails instead.

Exciting tights - I know it may sound desperate, but tights can add some texture and some interest to a simple LBD day or night. Don’t go too wild with overly patterned tights, they may look nice in the packet or on that size zero Topshop manikin, but  smaller patterns make for skinnier legs. I was upset to find you cannot purchase Topshop tights for five pounds so hit Primark, we know everybody else does.

Headbands - Everyone knows the headband has entered their own league in recent years and no longer has a functional purpose but can alter your whole look. I’m not suggesting a Blue Peter moment and creating your own fashion headband but start with a simple band, and  customize it to make it your own. 

Desperate Measures - Let's be honest, who needs self respect? Feel free to tell the Estee Lauder woman in Selfridges you just want a little bottle of expensive foundation as a tester before you buy the full bottle when you have no intention of doing so and spray yourself with the most exquisite smelling perfume to make everyone believe you spend hundreds on the most expensive perfume in Harvey Nichols.

Written by Becky Moules.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Why Did We Ever Wear the 'Gypsy Skirt'?

 Oh how foolish we were!


We were all loving a bit of Sienna Miller and her ‘boho’ ways back in the summer of 2004. The billowy long, brown, gypsy skirt and disc wrestler belt were swooshing on every girls’ hips, including mine. Even the city girls were a hay bail away from becoming country bumpkins.

Every year such an ensemble emerges from the depths of closets, clinging onto a long forgotten furry gilet. They slyly arise from the back room of charity shops like an annual unwanted cold sore.

The hot weather does not condone these god-awful brown tents. They may well be breezy in the summer air as you stroll through the meadows in your wee cowboy boots- but they should never see the light of even a sunny day again!

It was Jude Law who binned Sienna and her boho ways in favour of a whole new type of nanny ‘free love.’ I’m glad we did the same with the gypsy skirt.
 Written by Marleena Cronvall.

Monday, 16 November 2009


Individual style on Sheffield's streets.

We spent a murky November afternoon hunting down people with their own personal style until we started too feel a bit like stalkers and got too cold and had to return to our (equally cold) homes.

Sarah Barnes, a 3rd year at Sheffield University

  Sarah is wearing Topshop harem trousers that she got for £3 and wears because they are as comfy as pyjamas. Her scarf is also from Topshop, her cardigan belongs to her friend’s Nan and her bag is her housemate's. When she isn't borrowing clothes, she shops at Cow, Topshop, Ark and on Ebay.
Stephanie Danylyk, a 2nd year Sheffield Hallam student.

Stephanie hides her work uniform under a cosy fur coat that she got at Principles last year (she clearly was ahead of the fashion followers who have only just started working the faux fur). She got her hair band from Accessorize, but tends to shop at Cow, H&M and charity shops and loves All Saints.

Soven Kudsk – Iverson, a student at Sheffield University.

  The mix of colours and textures in Soven's look made him stand out in the crowd (and his colour coordinated scarf and gloves). Clearly well travelled, Danish Soven’s bright hat is from Finland, his scarf is from Nepal , his jumper is from Denmark and his trousers are from…..John Lewis. He likes to pick up bargains from Oxfam in Broomhill.
Gemma Marshall , Sheffield resident.

Gemma mixes American sneakers, a scarf from a boutique off Ecclesall Road and a coat by snowboarding make Nikita, with her Mum’s Mulberry handbag for an eclectic daytime look. She hates Meadowhall shopping centre and prefers to shop on Division Street and Fargate Street.

Adam, a 1st year student at Sheffield Hallam.

Adam makes a generic student outfit look cool with his vintage t-shirt from Blue Rinse in Leeds.. He’s even working the laptop bag. He hasn’t got round to shopping in Sheffield yet but he likes vintage stores.

Written by Kate Lloyd and Marleena Cronvall. 
Photography by Sally Alstead.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

How to wear Leggings and avoid showing the world your Wedgie.

Working out how to wear the trickier trends.

When leggings found their way into 21st Century fashion, abandoning their ‘what were we thinking?’ reputation of the 90’s, a feeling of despair overwhelmed the female fashionistas of Britain. The fear of even the slightest wobble being exposed to the public caused us to be overly cautious about the dreaded legging, often avoiding them altogether. The realisation that they are in fact far superior to the constantly-laddering tights and a welcome break from the restricting jeans has encouraged them into our wardrobes and now they are a mere staple.

Whilst the confidence to wear them is blossoming, the ‘Public-Wedgie’ disaster is occurring along the way! Therefore, after personally experiencing many legging mishaps, it is time for a gentle reminder about how to look best with three basic rules:

1. Invest: although the cheap £3.00 Primark option is a delicious break for the pocket, buy a slightly pricier pair and they’ll keep their spring for much longer, flattering your bottom instead of crawling up it.

2. Buy the right size: when asked if I was looking for the toilet by a shop assistant whilst fidgeting with my ridiculously tight leggings, I hastily threw them away and purchased another pair.

3. Keep your cheeks covered: the only way to maintain complete discretion; don’t leave the house without your skirt, dress or oversized tee and you can’t go wrong.

Having said this, in the comfort of your own home, throw caution to the wind; we all know that there is nothing more comfortable than an ill-fitting, all exposing pair of leggings!

Written by Rebecca Smyllie.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Guilty Pleasures: The Night Remix

Why I Just Can’t Stop Wearing ...

In my previous article I discussed my daytime Guilty Pleasures, perfect for slobbing and hangovers, today we take it up a notch and consider those items that I just can't stop wearing on nights out.

I went home this weekend to visit the family; a highlight of my stay, aside from my parents’ witty banter, was ‘The Sunday Times’ provided at breakfast (free food and entertainment!).  Being the young hip chick I am, I nabbed the Style, and was pleasantly surprised to see the front page exclaiming “The Death of the Killer Heel”.  

Reading the article made me realise my guilty pleasure in wearing flat shoes on a night out.  I want to express how annoying it is as a girl to be expected to dress up by wearing stupidly high heels that often make you fall over before you’re even drunk.  

Thankfully, with celebs like Alexa Chung flying the flag for the ‘flatties’, it seems like it is becoming more acceptable to go out clubbing minus your heels and the consequent bunions.  The advantages of flats include a dramatic improvement in your dancing – I said ”reach (jump) for the stars!” - and an additional excuse to end your night using your spare change on some cheeky chips instead of being bundled into a taxi, alone, nursing your swollen feet.

My mom still has not got over the fact that the youth of today have no problem with having visible underwear.  I can understand her confusion as 99.9% of the time it looks ridiculous, but every so often I do enjoy flashing a cheeky bit of bra on a night out.  

Let me explain before you judge me.  I’m expressing the guilty pleasure of wearing a lacy number that reveals a flash of a nice bra, as modelled Hayden Panettiere. 

Her look is very (very!!) daring but us normal people can also pull this look off. As long as the bra is a neutral colour and matches the colour of your outfit you can avoid looking like a stripper.  Although, if wearing a white bra beware of the UV light!! 

Head bands literally burst onto the fashion scene, alongside the ‘boho’ look being pioneered by Mischa Barton and her cronies.  I am a fan and after wearing my gold headband during the day I decided it was time to ‘work it’ on a night out.  I was aware of the possibility that everything could go wrong given its elastic nature, and so spent hours attentively fixing it into place with millions of curby grips.  Although I do have quite a large head, there is no excuse for the horror I had to endure at the hands of my headband.  Shamefully the thing actually ‘popped’ off my head, hit the ceiling and fell into a crowd of sweaty students and was never to be seen again.  But they look so good ... so what if I cause an accident?

Written by Sophie Harrison.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Why is a sequinned nappy attractive?

We consider the trends that just aren't 'nice clothes.'

As much as I love the place, Topshop has brought some strange fashion to the high street. Even stranger, however, is the alarming rate that people pick up on these trends even if, at first glance, they’re not particularly flattering in any way. 

The newest strange item to grace our local stores has to be the “sequinned hotpant” (a.k.a “the sequinned nappy”), usually paired on a window mannequin with a fur coat and tights. The first time I saw it I laughed to myself and immediately branded it as something that looked ridiculous and would not catch on. 

However, the more I see it on weekend shopping visits, the more painful it is for me to admit that I am warming to the idea of a high-waisted knicker, that is not only sequinned, but worn over tights in the style of my favourite childhood superheroes. 

Although garish, I imagine that it would make my legs look longer (being a mere 5’3, this is never a disadvantage), and it is available in many different, striking colours. It would dress up a plain black top and look fantastic with heels.

So apparently, if I am bombarded with a new fashionable item of clothing every time I go shopping on the high street, I will eventually (even if reluctantly) grow to accept and maybe even like it . Although I am not at the stage of buying said nappy myself anytime soon, its persistent presence in Topshop has made me understand why others would. 

Written by Jo Bancroft.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Procrastination Station

Our favourite vaguely fashion related procrastinatory material on the web.

The Procrastination Station Link of the Week is:  
The Sartorialist

It's basically a website filled with pictures of people wearing cool clothes, what's not to love?

Written by Kate Lloyd.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

How to dress like you’re from 'HOLLYOAKS' without their wardrobe budget.

Ever wished to look as good as your fave TV star?

Not only can you look as swell as your Hollyoaks babes but for a fraction of the price. And here’s how...

          The gorgeous and ever so beautiful Carly Stenson is here looking as perfect as ever in a cute little bandeau dress and heels. Yes, as we all know the girl’s a star of a national soap so we would only dream to resemble her in any sort of way let alone imagine being mistaken for her in what we wear. Well hey girls now’s your chance! Check out this marvellous number from ASOS- where “As seen on screen” clearly lives up to its name. This bargain displayed to the right creeps in at a mere £40, and look it’s practically the same dress!  As for the shoes she dons, you can snatch up a similar pair from Matalan for just £12- pretty amazing if you as me.

Now over to everyone’s favourite... It’s Mercedes McQueen! Okay, fair play, she may look a little different (and definitely less glam) in the soap, but after seeing the darling Jennifer Metcalfe in this off screen shot, she certainly exceeds our expectations. Perfectly manicured with hair blow dried to perfection. You too could look a million dollars, here’s how... The slinky number that I found  comes in at just £40 from Oli -what a bargain! As for the cute clutch- bag yourself a similar one for a crazy £8 at New Look- you’d be mad to miss out.

Written by Olivia Morley.


Style in the gym in Sheffield.

So, I was in the gym changing rooms the other day and I had a moment of EXTREME fashion envy.

You know one of those moments where you actually want to follow the individual who has the clothing item around until they take the clothing item off and then steal it? (In this case that is less creepy than it sounds as the clothing item is a coat.) 

Well, I bumped into an old friend from back home and she was wearing an item that I have dreamed about for 100 years. A waxed Barbour coat.

Now at this moment you may start to think that I am some form of Alexa Chung wannabe. This is not the case. I just love old person clothes. My current Winter coat previously belonged to my Grandma, as does my favourite thick navy cardigan. I also love the Marks & Spencer Footglove shoe and the Clarks Airsole brogue. Comfort is key in my life, I am twenty going on eighty.

Anyway, back to the case in hand. Usually Barbour coats cost £250 (waaaay out of my budget), but my old friend informed me that she had got hers for a measly £90 because she bought an age fourteen one.

So now I am left with a dilemma, do I buy a kids Barbour coat and risk the humiliation of running into her in it and explaining I stole her idea, or do I sit and brood until the day I can actually afford the real deal.

Only time will tell.

Written by Kate Lloyd.

What to Wear to Meet Your Boyfriend’s Parents.

We work out what clothes are in order for the most difficult of moments.

 Having met the perfect guy and made it past the honeymoon period, you’re smitten, so wouldn’t this weekend be an excellent opportunity to meet his parents? You recoil in horror. In what will inevitably be a day filled with implausibly long silences followed by inappropriate questions to “lighten the mood” the one thing you do have control over is your outfit.

Here it is important to remember that whilst the horny student that is your boyfriend may appreciate a risqué hemline, dressing appropriately whilst still retaining your own personal style is a must. First of all, don’t feel like you have to go out and buy a brand new outfit. For testing times such as these, it’s always best to go back to an old favourite outfit. Don’t squeeze yourself into a pretty dress that fit before the student diet of carbs and alcohol took over; being uncomfortable is the last thing you need and avoid anything mumsy at all costs.

Here is your mantra: I must dress appropriately. Quiz your fella about potential activities so you don’t wear these five inch fitties to hike up Scarfell Pike. A broken ankle and a fireman’s lift from your boyfriend’s fifty-something father will make you wish you’d strangled yourself with your chunky-knit scarf. 

For a reasonably standard day of genial conversation my advice is as follows. Aim to look sophisticated, approachable and never brash. Jeans are always a winner but keep them skinny and dark to avoid looking cheap or too casual. Go for a statement top; think a smattering of sequins a bit of lace or an unusual brooch. A long-line blazer with casually rolled up sleeves will keep you looking presentable and painfully on trend. Flat pumps or brogues in a neutral colour or black will keep you from looking overdressed.

For a more formal situation invest in a tea-dress like this one from Lipsy; think floaty sleeves, above-the-knee hem and a pretty pattern. Coupled with thick black tights and shoeboots you will be both modestly covered up whilst retaining the cute you were born with.

Remember, children, this day is not a time to dress provocatively, but should be seen as an opportunity to showcase your own style. After all, prospective in-laws are to be tolerated, fashion is to be loved.  

Written by Katherine Cliffe.

Monday, 9 November 2009

I Can't Believe They Wore That....

Investigating the frightening world of celebrity fashion misdemeanours. 

Being poor students - often resorting to the wonders of “Primarni” - it’s always refreshing to know that, despite spending money we can only imagine on designer clothes and stylists, celebrities manage to step a foot (or major a leap) wrong in the style department sometimes. 

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you, that in my quest for bad celebrity fashion, there were a fair few fashion faux pas to delve through, however here is a brief “what not to wear” sponsored by those we (usually) love to envy.

Taylor Momsen, star of Gossip Girl, is first on the hit list. The usually fashion forward starlet, whose character is a highflying teenage stylist, seems to have forgotten some vital items when performing before fans. 

It seems Momsen is going for the cool, dangerous look, but there’s a fine line between edgy and hooker, and I’m not sure it’s quite been cracked. Although sexy lingerie is never one to be frowned upon, surely save it for a more intimate audience?

Although not a repeat offender (and I feel I’m about to be overly harsh in my criticism) but Leona Lewis lets herself down with this next casual look. Spotted at Heathrow Airport, Lewis is dabbling in far too many of the “guilty pleasures” mentioned in Sophie's previous post.

It may just be me, but the overly cosy outfit is doing nothing for her figure and the less mentioned about the baby pink frilly bag the better. The denim jacket and tea cosy hat are easy to get wrong, and I’m not sure Leona has the “cool” factor to pull them off. Yet we’ll let her off, as I know I wouldn’t enjoy a camera in the face after a long flight…
Now, why should it just be the girls torn apart for their fashion mishaps? Even the likes of David Beckham, who can personally do no wrong in my eyes, has been guilty of some outrageous fashion misdemeanours in his time (purple sarong anyone?) However, it is Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz who is the top of my list and far too consistent in his failing wardrobe choices. 

I’m sure we’ve all been through the phase of being effortlessly in love with that one “skater boy” at school. But in year eight, year nine at a push… the loving of the emo, skater look has long passed. Wentz is still clinging on with dear life - with black eye liner in hand. 

From denim shirts teamed with black bow ties, to various hoodies (which should really be left to the territory of Hollyoaks’ “Newt”) there was just too many disasters to choose from. Although, I think you’ll agree, this oversized shirt - red skinny jean number is everything we are not looking for in a guy’s wardrobe.

I’ll leave you with not only a fashion mistake, but an outfit that actually gave me nightmares. 

Only one word is needed for Lady GaGa’s outfit choice for the MTV Video Music Awards… WHY?

Written by Kate Tudor.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Why Do Girls Wear Leopard Print?

Our resident lad gives his opinion on female fashions. 

   Leopard Print = Fail
 Over the last couple of years, leopard print has become a prominent feature on the streets of Britain. Its supposedly offers a strong sense of ‘personality’ and ‘attitude’ that has seen many adhere to the style. In my eyes though it sparks off thoughts of pretentiousness, high maintenance and certainly bad taste! 

The trend of spots being the fulcrum of a females outfit has surely become a thing of the past. Yet leopard print has been inducted into all types of clothing such as fur coats, leggings and strappy tops. 

On another note, why out of all the animals was leopard print chosen?! Why not cow, giraffe or crocodile print?! All, I'm sure, would look fittttt…

In an age where jeggings, leather jackets and jump suits appear to rule the roost at the height of female fashion, I truly hope this signifies the death of leopard print being seen as ‘cool’. 

Written by Joey Fisher


Style on Sheffield's streets.
Eilidh McGregor, a 3rd year at Sheffield University

Should a dress only be worn as a dress? Eilidh converts her All Saints dress into a top by tucking it into her H&M trousers and she customises the outfit with a vintage locket.
She loves getting jewellery from Collard Manson on Division street.

Cate Dixon, a 3rd year at Sheffield University

 Boldy wearing a leopard print fur coat from River Island [Joey (our resident lad) wouldn't be impressed but the ladies at 'Wear Nice Clothes LOVE it!] over a vintage jumper with tapered trousers from Topshop. A customised headband and vintage jewellery adds an original twist to the outfit.
  Cate's favourite Sheffield shop is Cow on West street.

Amelia Shepherds, a 3rd year at Sheffield University

 Amelia wear's a navy playsuit from American apparel underneath a fur coat from ‘Alice Takes a Trip’- never fear, although Alice takes a trip has moved out of the Forum on Division street, you can still buy online and Freshmans on Carver Street stocks Alice Takes a Trip items!
Amelia’s favourite shop is the Meadow Hall Topshop.

Written By Lizzie Lewis.