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Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Style in the gym in Sheffield.

So, I was in the gym changing rooms the other day and I had a moment of EXTREME fashion envy.

You know one of those moments where you actually want to follow the individual who has the clothing item around until they take the clothing item off and then steal it? (In this case that is less creepy than it sounds as the clothing item is a coat.) 

Well, I bumped into an old friend from back home and she was wearing an item that I have dreamed about for 100 years. A waxed Barbour coat.

Now at this moment you may start to think that I am some form of Alexa Chung wannabe. This is not the case. I just love old person clothes. My current Winter coat previously belonged to my Grandma, as does my favourite thick navy cardigan. I also love the Marks & Spencer Footglove shoe and the Clarks Airsole brogue. Comfort is key in my life, I am twenty going on eighty.

Anyway, back to the case in hand. Usually Barbour coats cost £250 (waaaay out of my budget), but my old friend informed me that she had got hers for a measly £90 because she bought an age fourteen one.

So now I am left with a dilemma, do I buy a kids Barbour coat and risk the humiliation of running into her in it and explaining I stole her idea, or do I sit and brood until the day I can actually afford the real deal.

Only time will tell.

Written by Kate Lloyd.

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