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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What to Wear to Meet Your Boyfriend’s Parents.

We work out what clothes are in order for the most difficult of moments.

 Having met the perfect guy and made it past the honeymoon period, you’re smitten, so wouldn’t this weekend be an excellent opportunity to meet his parents? You recoil in horror. In what will inevitably be a day filled with implausibly long silences followed by inappropriate questions to “lighten the mood” the one thing you do have control over is your outfit.

Here it is important to remember that whilst the horny student that is your boyfriend may appreciate a risqué hemline, dressing appropriately whilst still retaining your own personal style is a must. First of all, don’t feel like you have to go out and buy a brand new outfit. For testing times such as these, it’s always best to go back to an old favourite outfit. Don’t squeeze yourself into a pretty dress that fit before the student diet of carbs and alcohol took over; being uncomfortable is the last thing you need and avoid anything mumsy at all costs.

Here is your mantra: I must dress appropriately. Quiz your fella about potential activities so you don’t wear these five inch fitties to hike up Scarfell Pike. A broken ankle and a fireman’s lift from your boyfriend’s fifty-something father will make you wish you’d strangled yourself with your chunky-knit scarf. 

For a reasonably standard day of genial conversation my advice is as follows. Aim to look sophisticated, approachable and never brash. Jeans are always a winner but keep them skinny and dark to avoid looking cheap or too casual. Go for a statement top; think a smattering of sequins a bit of lace or an unusual brooch. A long-line blazer with casually rolled up sleeves will keep you looking presentable and painfully on trend. Flat pumps or brogues in a neutral colour or black will keep you from looking overdressed.

For a more formal situation invest in a tea-dress like this one from Lipsy; think floaty sleeves, above-the-knee hem and a pretty pattern. Coupled with thick black tights and shoeboots you will be both modestly covered up whilst retaining the cute you were born with.

Remember, children, this day is not a time to dress provocatively, but should be seen as an opportunity to showcase your own style. After all, prospective in-laws are to be tolerated, fashion is to be loved.  

Written by Katherine Cliffe.

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