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Monday, 9 November 2009

I Can't Believe They Wore That....

Investigating the frightening world of celebrity fashion misdemeanours. 

Being poor students - often resorting to the wonders of “Primarni” - it’s always refreshing to know that, despite spending money we can only imagine on designer clothes and stylists, celebrities manage to step a foot (or major a leap) wrong in the style department sometimes. 

I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you, that in my quest for bad celebrity fashion, there were a fair few fashion faux pas to delve through, however here is a brief “what not to wear” sponsored by those we (usually) love to envy.

Taylor Momsen, star of Gossip Girl, is first on the hit list. The usually fashion forward starlet, whose character is a highflying teenage stylist, seems to have forgotten some vital items when performing before fans. 

It seems Momsen is going for the cool, dangerous look, but there’s a fine line between edgy and hooker, and I’m not sure it’s quite been cracked. Although sexy lingerie is never one to be frowned upon, surely save it for a more intimate audience?

Although not a repeat offender (and I feel I’m about to be overly harsh in my criticism) but Leona Lewis lets herself down with this next casual look. Spotted at Heathrow Airport, Lewis is dabbling in far too many of the “guilty pleasures” mentioned in Sophie's previous post.

It may just be me, but the overly cosy outfit is doing nothing for her figure and the less mentioned about the baby pink frilly bag the better. The denim jacket and tea cosy hat are easy to get wrong, and I’m not sure Leona has the “cool” factor to pull them off. Yet we’ll let her off, as I know I wouldn’t enjoy a camera in the face after a long flight…
Now, why should it just be the girls torn apart for their fashion mishaps? Even the likes of David Beckham, who can personally do no wrong in my eyes, has been guilty of some outrageous fashion misdemeanours in his time (purple sarong anyone?) However, it is Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz who is the top of my list and far too consistent in his failing wardrobe choices. 

I’m sure we’ve all been through the phase of being effortlessly in love with that one “skater boy” at school. But in year eight, year nine at a push… the loving of the emo, skater look has long passed. Wentz is still clinging on with dear life - with black eye liner in hand. 

From denim shirts teamed with black bow ties, to various hoodies (which should really be left to the territory of Hollyoaks’ “Newt”) there was just too many disasters to choose from. Although, I think you’ll agree, this oversized shirt - red skinny jean number is everything we are not looking for in a guy’s wardrobe.

I’ll leave you with not only a fashion mistake, but an outfit that actually gave me nightmares. 

Only one word is needed for Lady GaGa’s outfit choice for the MTV Video Music Awards… WHY?

Written by Kate Tudor.

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