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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Why Do Girls Wear Leopard Print?

Our resident lad gives his opinion on female fashions. 

   Leopard Print = Fail
 Over the last couple of years, leopard print has become a prominent feature on the streets of Britain. Its supposedly offers a strong sense of ‘personality’ and ‘attitude’ that has seen many adhere to the style. In my eyes though it sparks off thoughts of pretentiousness, high maintenance and certainly bad taste! 

The trend of spots being the fulcrum of a females outfit has surely become a thing of the past. Yet leopard print has been inducted into all types of clothing such as fur coats, leggings and strappy tops. 

On another note, why out of all the animals was leopard print chosen?! Why not cow, giraffe or crocodile print?! All, I'm sure, would look fittttt…

In an age where jeggings, leather jackets and jump suits appear to rule the roost at the height of female fashion, I truly hope this signifies the death of leopard print being seen as ‘cool’. 

Written by Joey Fisher

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  1. Fashion for the most part is nothing but the ostentation of riches.