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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Guilty Pleasures: The Night Remix

Why I Just Can’t Stop Wearing ...

In my previous article I discussed my daytime Guilty Pleasures, perfect for slobbing and hangovers, today we take it up a notch and consider those items that I just can't stop wearing on nights out.

I went home this weekend to visit the family; a highlight of my stay, aside from my parents’ witty banter, was ‘The Sunday Times’ provided at breakfast (free food and entertainment!).  Being the young hip chick I am, I nabbed the Style, and was pleasantly surprised to see the front page exclaiming “The Death of the Killer Heel”.  

Reading the article made me realise my guilty pleasure in wearing flat shoes on a night out.  I want to express how annoying it is as a girl to be expected to dress up by wearing stupidly high heels that often make you fall over before you’re even drunk.  

Thankfully, with celebs like Alexa Chung flying the flag for the ‘flatties’, it seems like it is becoming more acceptable to go out clubbing minus your heels and the consequent bunions.  The advantages of flats include a dramatic improvement in your dancing – I said ”reach (jump) for the stars!” - and an additional excuse to end your night using your spare change on some cheeky chips instead of being bundled into a taxi, alone, nursing your swollen feet.

My mom still has not got over the fact that the youth of today have no problem with having visible underwear.  I can understand her confusion as 99.9% of the time it looks ridiculous, but every so often I do enjoy flashing a cheeky bit of bra on a night out.  

Let me explain before you judge me.  I’m expressing the guilty pleasure of wearing a lacy number that reveals a flash of a nice bra, as modelled Hayden Panettiere. 

Her look is very (very!!) daring but us normal people can also pull this look off. As long as the bra is a neutral colour and matches the colour of your outfit you can avoid looking like a stripper.  Although, if wearing a white bra beware of the UV light!! 

Head bands literally burst onto the fashion scene, alongside the ‘boho’ look being pioneered by Mischa Barton and her cronies.  I am a fan and after wearing my gold headband during the day I decided it was time to ‘work it’ on a night out.  I was aware of the possibility that everything could go wrong given its elastic nature, and so spent hours attentively fixing it into place with millions of curby grips.  Although I do have quite a large head, there is no excuse for the horror I had to endure at the hands of my headband.  Shamefully the thing actually ‘popped’ off my head, hit the ceiling and fell into a crowd of sweaty students and was never to be seen again.  But they look so good ... so what if I cause an accident?

Written by Sophie Harrison.


  1. Big John (Fuzzy) of Burnley says 'nothing wrong with strippers with flat shoes especially if you're a short-arse'

  2. Mom says: in my day respectable women wore polonecked sweaters; this meant that 'female support' remained invisible to the naked eye and maintained an air of mystery.. what is the world coming to?