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Sunday, 15 November 2009

How to wear Leggings and avoid showing the world your Wedgie.

Working out how to wear the trickier trends.

When leggings found their way into 21st Century fashion, abandoning their ‘what were we thinking?’ reputation of the 90’s, a feeling of despair overwhelmed the female fashionistas of Britain. The fear of even the slightest wobble being exposed to the public caused us to be overly cautious about the dreaded legging, often avoiding them altogether. The realisation that they are in fact far superior to the constantly-laddering tights and a welcome break from the restricting jeans has encouraged them into our wardrobes and now they are a mere staple.

Whilst the confidence to wear them is blossoming, the ‘Public-Wedgie’ disaster is occurring along the way! Therefore, after personally experiencing many legging mishaps, it is time for a gentle reminder about how to look best with three basic rules:

1. Invest: although the cheap £3.00 Primark option is a delicious break for the pocket, buy a slightly pricier pair and they’ll keep their spring for much longer, flattering your bottom instead of crawling up it.

2. Buy the right size: when asked if I was looking for the toilet by a shop assistant whilst fidgeting with my ridiculously tight leggings, I hastily threw them away and purchased another pair.

3. Keep your cheeks covered: the only way to maintain complete discretion; don’t leave the house without your skirt, dress or oversized tee and you can’t go wrong.

Having said this, in the comfort of your own home, throw caution to the wind; we all know that there is nothing more comfortable than an ill-fitting, all exposing pair of leggings!

Written by Rebecca Smyllie.

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