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Friday, 13 November 2009

Why is a sequinned nappy attractive?

We consider the trends that just aren't 'nice clothes.'

As much as I love the place, Topshop has brought some strange fashion to the high street. Even stranger, however, is the alarming rate that people pick up on these trends even if, at first glance, they’re not particularly flattering in any way. 

The newest strange item to grace our local stores has to be the “sequinned hotpant” (a.k.a “the sequinned nappy”), usually paired on a window mannequin with a fur coat and tights. The first time I saw it I laughed to myself and immediately branded it as something that looked ridiculous and would not catch on. 

However, the more I see it on weekend shopping visits, the more painful it is for me to admit that I am warming to the idea of a high-waisted knicker, that is not only sequinned, but worn over tights in the style of my favourite childhood superheroes. 

Although garish, I imagine that it would make my legs look longer (being a mere 5’3, this is never a disadvantage), and it is available in many different, striking colours. It would dress up a plain black top and look fantastic with heels.

So apparently, if I am bombarded with a new fashionable item of clothing every time I go shopping on the high street, I will eventually (even if reluctantly) grow to accept and maybe even like it . Although I am not at the stage of buying said nappy myself anytime soon, its persistent presence in Topshop has made me understand why others would. 

Written by Jo Bancroft.

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