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Thursday, 26 November 2009

What to Wear to a Wedding.

We work out what to wear for the most difficult of moments.

Everyone loves a wedding but, after you RSVP, you face one of life’s biggest wardrobe dilemmas. Whilst you want to look your best, unless the bride is marrying your ex-boyfriend, upstaging her is a no-no. Nevertheless, as weddings go hand in hand with an excessive amount of photography, your outfit will no doubt cause you hours of deliberation and a lot of cash. Choose wisely and the rugged best man will be yours.

The golden rule of wedding dressing is to avoid any shade that may result in you being mistaken for the bride. White, ivory and champagne are off the cards.  

At a wedding that I recently attended, I came to the conclusion that formal is the best plan of action even though some people err on the side of casual i.e. scruffy.

Opulent fabrics such as silks and satins look great on pictures but to avoid unsightly stains I suggest a bib and steering clear of all drunken relatives.

Before hitting the shops, check the location; a strapless, low-cut dress in an icy church is not only inappropriate but chilly. Add a jacket or a faux fur stole  keep you toasty whilst the happy couple say their I-dos. Similarly, if you’re only attending the evening knees-up, you can afford to dress a little more extravagantly; so shorter hemlines, higher heels and more makeup are a yes.

Lest you forgot that you could be in your wedding outfit (and scarily high new shoes) for ten hours so make sure your outfit can take the strain. 

Don’t pick anything too tight and consider Magic Knickers. These bad boys will hold that gut in but expect to spend a good twenty minutes pulling them back up again. (Think Friend’s Ross in the bathroom in his leather trousers.)

Accessories can make or break an outfit and weddings seem to send people wild for coordination. Whilst that matching hat, bag and shoe combo may seem like the easy option, it can look painfully conceited and over-thought. Pick out a few colours and stick to them when accessorising.

Tell the bride she looks beautiful, flirt with the barman for a free drink and spend all evening rummaging around in your clutch for your lippy and a night of fun and frivolity is guaranteed. A wedding is an excuse to treat yourself to a gorgeous new outfit so be bold, be brave and you could give the bride a run for her money!

Written by Katherine Cliffe.

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