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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Customisation Station.

How to turn something old, borrowed or blue into something new.

In honour of our new NYC writer, I thought I would show you how to make an 'I LOVE NY' top look less Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen 'New York Minute' and more Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen 'Elizabeth and James' Fall Collection.

(If you haven't seen 'New York Minute' -WATCH IT, ITS AMAZING!)

Customisation of the t-shirt was a simple procedure. I cut off the sleeves and the tight neck bit and pulled the material so it stretched and curled up at the edges (no need to hem.) 

I wanted it cropped with a curved hem at the front. I put the top on and marked the length I wanted it at my sides and in the middle and then cut between those marks and stretched it again. SIMPLE.

To tone down the bright red heart, I found a black lacy top (absolutely vile) in my 'to cut up' pile and lay a square of it over the heart. I pinned it down and sewed (using a running stitch- two steps forward one step back) about 0.3cm away from the edge of the heart. Once completed, I cut around the very edge of the heart. 


This would look pretty snazzy done with any sheer fabric, but I like the lace as it looks a little gothic.

Written by Kate Lloyd.

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