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Friday, 27 November 2009

How to dress like you’re from EASTENDERS without their wardrobe budget!

Ever wished to look as good as your fave TV star?

You can now look as gorgeous as these classy Walford wonders with some brilliant bargain buys! 

When I found this dress (pictured left) on savvy internet site www.asos.com, I was amazed at its resemblance to Kara Tointon’s number she donned for this years soap awards (pictured right). The beautifully structured strappy even mirrors the under wired cup structure of the dress worn by the star, as well as being a perfect match colour wise- what a find! And the best is yet to come... This piece will set you back just £55! A steal for any special occasion! 

With pastels being this season’s must have you can’t go wrong! 

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Everybody loves a bit of Patsy Palmer don’t they... and rightly so! Britain’s favourite red head is pictured left on the red carpet, looking as elegant as ever. (Well, ok maybe she doesn’t look as elegant on screen as Bianca!) However, the star sure does look beaming in this snap. And hey, you could to! 

A squeeze at just £35, www.axparis.co.uk is offering a sensational maxi complete with jewel detail for that extra spurt of elegance. Complete the look with gorgeous shoes. Sequin capped courts are brilliant if you want to spice up your wardrobe with that little bit of glamour. Check them out at www.newlook.co.uk for an incredible £22! Add classy pearls and you’re away- delicate but bold enough to make a statement at the same time. £12 at www.marksandspencer.com!

Written by Olivia Morley.

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