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Thursday, 19 November 2009

How to Update Your Look for Five Pounds.

Hello meagre student budget!

So you've been shopping at Waitrose this week and have been out far too much and therefore only have five pounds left to your name. Ever the optimist you are determined to change your image with these five coins,  but how to go about it?

I plead, do not buy hairdressing scissors. It’s not worth it. 

Also, do not do what I have done with my sacred fashion money and invest in a high fashion magazine when you know deep down you will only get jealous and upset. 

But, don’t despair about looking more Primark Essentials than high fashion, I have discovered some bargain basement purchases that will make your money go further.

Blackcurrant Lips - Forget strawberries and pales, this season's lip is much darker with a gothic edge. Stars are coating their pouts with blackberry goodness. Although we would love to splash out on Armani’s lipstick for £14.50 in black plum our budget purses would be weeping in desperation at such a frivolous buy, so head to Superdrug and Barry M. Too scared to attempt dark lips? Try it on your nails instead.

Exciting tights - I know it may sound desperate, but tights can add some texture and some interest to a simple LBD day or night. Don’t go too wild with overly patterned tights, they may look nice in the packet or on that size zero Topshop manikin, but  smaller patterns make for skinnier legs. I was upset to find you cannot purchase Topshop tights for five pounds so hit Primark, we know everybody else does.

Headbands - Everyone knows the headband has entered their own league in recent years and no longer has a functional purpose but can alter your whole look. I’m not suggesting a Blue Peter moment and creating your own fashion headband but start with a simple band, and  customize it to make it your own. 

Desperate Measures - Let's be honest, who needs self respect? Feel free to tell the Estee Lauder woman in Selfridges you just want a little bottle of expensive foundation as a tester before you buy the full bottle when you have no intention of doing so and spray yourself with the most exquisite smelling perfume to make everyone believe you spend hundreds on the most expensive perfume in Harvey Nichols.

Written by Becky Moules.

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