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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Why Did We Ever Wear the 'Gypsy Skirt'?

 Oh how foolish we were!


We were all loving a bit of Sienna Miller and her ‘boho’ ways back in the summer of 2004. The billowy long, brown, gypsy skirt and disc wrestler belt were swooshing on every girls’ hips, including mine. Even the city girls were a hay bail away from becoming country bumpkins.

Every year such an ensemble emerges from the depths of closets, clinging onto a long forgotten furry gilet. They slyly arise from the back room of charity shops like an annual unwanted cold sore.

The hot weather does not condone these god-awful brown tents. They may well be breezy in the summer air as you stroll through the meadows in your wee cowboy boots- but they should never see the light of even a sunny day again!

It was Jude Law who binned Sienna and her boho ways in favour of a whole new type of nanny ‘free love.’ I’m glad we did the same with the gypsy skirt.
 Written by Marleena Cronvall.

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