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Monday, 2 November 2009

My Favourite Bag.

A declaration of love.

 Having a Mulberry handbag is in many ways comparable to having a boyfriend, much of the time it’s totally impractical but this can be forgiven because it’s perfect for making people jealous.

Infact, Mulberry handbags are in many ways better than boyfriends. You can take the Mulberry shopping without it complaining or looking at other girls in the changing rooms.

My Mulberry came into my life on my 18th birthday. It’s the sort of bag you need to have positive memories attached to so you can remember the happier times when you’re walking in the rain and you find yourself protecting your Mulberry from the rain rather than yourself.

When it came to choosing which bag would become my life partner there was much deliberation and much perusing of the Mulberry website whilst drooling slightly and keeping a keen eye on the prices. I settled eventually on the brown patent Bayswater, a classic with a modern twist to remind me, in my old age when I’m carefully balancing my Mulberry on my lap whilst riding the stair lift, of my younger and more fashion conscious years.

When it came to the great day itself my father had warned me that my Mulberry may not have arrived in time so I set bitterly about unwrapping my other gifts. I left the largest box to last as, knowing my father, I assumed this would be a large comedy gift such as the whiteboard I had received as a child to encourage my teaching aspirations. As I unwrapped the box I was greeted by the sight of the gorgeous and highly alluring maroon and gold that is synonymous with the Mulberry brand. The bag was beautiful and it has barely left my arm since.

It’s a treat for multiple senses as it still smells of leather after almost two years so when I get bored of looking at it I can still indulge in its scent.

Even my sister’s boyfriend who knows little about fashion and enjoys nothing more than a good fleece and rucksack can appreciate the beauty of the Mulberry. I once spilled a pint of beer over myself and my Mulberry and he was the first to spring to the Mulberry’s rescue, immediately dropping to his knees and drying it furiously with many napkins. I was left soaking but relieved that the Mulberry had been saved.

Written by Hannah Middleton

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  1. So basically it's your Mulberry or your life!