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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Why Did We Ever Wear The 'Skouser'?

Oh how foolish we were!

We all enjoy a trouser. We all enjoy a skirt. So why not go mad and slam the two together? NO, don't do it. Do not succumb to the ‘skouser’! But we did, didn't we! Back in the day.

I myself latched on to this fad like the Tammy Girl fashion victim I was. It seemed like the perfect ensemble; a little curtain to dress up a lonely trouser, whilst being TOTALLY on trend at the same time. Was I blind? Maybe I thought I’d cracked the art of layering? Or maybe I had just had enough of swooshing around town with my tent like poncho? This was a skirt trouser revolution!

You can imagine my shock when my post '90s self came upon these delights once more in a far corner of Topshop Boutique? What does this mean?! Are the higher powers of fashion really telling us to embrace this hideous ‘trend’ once more? Fair enough, this updated creation was no longer in bootcut school-uniform style, rather a tight little bodycon skirt skimming a skinny trouser. Fashion seems so go round in circles so maybe the era of skouser is set to have its huge Christmas number one! Yet, being so soon after Halloween I personally don’t want to risk being accused of getting dressed in the dark, would you?

Written by Marleena Cronvall

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  1. Wearing the granny knitted woollen sock as demonstrated in Finnish knitting classes would n my opinion add a touch of required panache to the skouser clothes item!