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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Procrastination Station

Our favourite vaguely fashion related procrastinatory material on the web.

This week I shall be posting two Links of the Week, mainly because I forgot to post one last week! They are both video based procrastination and they are both a bloody gorgeous good time.

The first is Kandee Johnson.

This amazing lady posts videos about make up, jewellery making, customisation and baking. I love her customisation videos as she makes some nice stuff! A word of warning though, she is very peppy and not one to watch with a hangover headache!

The second is  Fashion Face TV.

There are so many makeup tutorial videos on the internet, but these videos are definitely my favourite! Done by two very different, very pretty, makeup artist sisters, their makeup videos are simple to understand, but you still feel like you have learnt something new after watching. 

My love for these videos and obsessive viewing of them is quite extreme, so I hope you love them very much too!

Written by Kate Lloyd.

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