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Saturday, 24 April 2010


  Sorry we've been a little naughty and not posted anything recently. I promise that we are back on form!

Bumped into this fellow ginge at Detonate in Sheffield last night and we got over excited because she was wearing leggings to match my top (both H&M spring line.) We also both had the same phone. It was like meeting some kind of twin.

I am in love with this top, its so summery and versatile. Infact, the whole H&M spring range is really quirky and cute and most importantly CHEAP. I'm starting to enjoy shopping there as much as I did four years ago.

I wonder if anyone has worked the top and the leggings together. I reckon it would be so Cher from Clueless that it actually could look pretty cool?

In other news, I want this girl's gold crop top.

Written by Kate Lloyd.


  1. UGH you haven't posted since APRIL??? get it together. I just discovered your blog. It's so good and funny and I want you to post more. I'll still follow you in case you get back at it (which you should)!!!


  2. What a funny set of clothes and you can always call this some proper attire
    It would be okay if they would add some vases.

  3. Yeah! Very funny! I would love to compliment them without making rude language.

  4. Cool post. I enjoyed your blog. Thank you so much.

  5. Very cool outfit. Perfect to see them together. I really love the way they wore the same design top and pants.

  6. The pants looks good on you. That is such a coincidence to meet someone wearing the same top as your pants and having the same phone.