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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

NYC Style: How to Wear a Beanie Hat.

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The beanie has been made popular by celebrities like Emma Roberts, Nicole Richie, Katie Holmes, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. They can be found throughout the streets of NY, but beanie etiquette, so to speak, can be benefitted from internationally.
If not worn properly the beanie has potential to look like:

“I was too lazy this morning to put together an outfit, instead I just threw a sock over my head and walked out the door.” 

The beanie can lead an outfit in the “faux hipster” direction, so to balance the cozy hat one must be cautious.
Taking cues from Katie Holmes, a tight top-half and baggy boyfriend jeans teamed with a cute pair of textured flats play nicely with the material of the hat.

Jessica Alba also works the beanie quite well. By pairing a fun graphic tee with skinny jeans and lace up boots she looks ready for any condition.

Unfortunately Rihanna has fallen into the realm of what I like to call “death by beanie.” By wearing her hair tightly pulled back and the rest of her ensemble tightly fit, her large  beanie completely consumes her.

It might seem that the beanie has more cons than pros, but don’t let that discourage you, the beanie can enhance your outfit in a unique way, especially if you have bangs.  I have yet to see the beanie be worn in a more fancy social setting, but there's nothing to stop you from being the first to do so! Just remember the tips and you’re set!
Written by Gotham Hipster. 


  1. beanie hats dont look good. AT ALL! if u dont want to look like an idiot, then dont wear that shit. its 2012 get ur own style and stop dressing like fucking bums.

  2. Beanies are always hot! A look that never goes out of style.. A Simple, effortless, fun look! Thanks for sharing!