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Sunday, 27 December 2009

How to Wear Winter Knits..

We work out how to wear the trickier trends.

Maybe it’s living a student house without central heating, but this year I am loving knitwear! Don’t be fooled though, fashion and comfort never go truly hand in hand. Here’s how to enjoy your winter layers!

The Itch-factor!
So you’ve found your dream jumper but the material seems to have a vendetta against your skin? Do not tell yourself the jumper will eventually be itch free, it won’t. Unless you’re auditioning for the next series of David Attenborough’s ‘Life’, it is socially unacceptable to itch yourself like a monkey. Stop and walk away from this jumper. When you reality of knitwear irritation horror kicks in, the once acclaimed ‘dream jumper’ will certainly not see a flake of snow this Christmas.
Love your jumper!
Do not wear jewellery that will catch on the jumper, not only will this be highly annoying but will also slowly but surely pick away at the stitching, creating unwanted bobbles on your jumper. Bangles are a perfect non-destructive accompaniment to the woolly jumper.
Also, I hate to sound like your mum but double check the washing instructions. What with all the Christmas treats we’ll be scoffing this holiday we do not need to add to the appearance of turkey weight gain by shrinking our clothes.

How to wear ..

If you're bulking up your top half, slim down your bottom half with leggings or skinny jeans and complete the winter look with some cool boots. Secondly, it may sound a little over planned but think about where you are going in your lovely jumper,  if you know it can be a little over-warming then do not wear it to crowded stuffy functions.

Have fun!
A big jumper is an opportunity to make a statement and say something about you. Go for a bold colour or a quirky pattern. In the depths of winter we need something exciting to brighten up the miserably cold days.

Featured knits: Jade Jezebel Jagger Zip Leopard Sweatshirt, Wildfox Couture - Red Sparkle Heart Jumper, Knitted Guinea Pig Jumper Knitted Swallow Jumper, Knitted Stripe Crop Jumper.

Written by Lizzie Lewis.

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