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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

How to....Wear a Monocle?

Working out how to wear the trickier trends..

I realise that fashion swings round in circles; I often find myself wondering what my mother did with her shoulder pads and tapered trousers that I once cringed at her owning. We proudly parade ourselves around in the fashion faux pas of our parents, believing that we can pull them off better than they ever could. But surely reviving a fashion that lived and died in the nineteenth century is verging on the ridiculous? 

According to an article in the LA Times, apparently not! Make way for the monocle!  
Think of this what you will, but in my opinion, stick to your spectacles and let the monocle lie. 
But if you feel you must, my little fashionista friend, work the trend, I suggest one teams the monocle with the other Victorian trends which are sure to follow, such as top hats and lacy floor length dresses, to give you that Dickensian charm....

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, the image is of WNC writer Jo Bancroft circa 2006, we were in a band who sang about monocles, you will never hear our music....]

Written by Rebecca Smyllie.

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