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Thursday, 3 December 2009

I Can't Believe They Wore That..

 Investigating the frightening world of celebrity fashion misdemeanours.

The term celebrity is going to be used pretty loosely in this next post, as this weeks faux pas focus is on all stars reality. From Katie Price to Kerry Katona there are some major mistakes in there. It makes you wonder; do they just do it for the attention? Surely not…

Apart from being one of the most annoying reality stars, excluding Paris Hilton of course, Heidi Montag has a pretty poor fashion sense to add in to the mix. The star of the reality show The Hills, and one half of the “Speidi” duo, has a never ending wardrobe of tiny short shorts, cleavage revealing tank tops and hooker heals.

Take this example, where the zebra print teeny top is clashing with tangerine tan, and almost transparent white hair. Maybe her infamous fallouts means she no longer receives advice from her always fashion forward co stars… 

Now on to one of this years favourite reality girls: Stacey Solomon. She has won the nations’ hearts with her kooky personality and amazing voice, but definitely not with her fashion sense.

Although she looks gorgeous on X Factor’s live shows every week, the stylists are clearly not on call 24-7 as, is that a baby pink valour tracksuit I see?

I thought that they had officially died with the popularity of “J-Lo” and Jennifer Ellison started to dwindle.

Onto the boys, casting our minds back to Big Brother 2009. If anyone is as equally sad as myself, no matter how hard we try, we can’t lure ourselves away from the Big Brother temptation We can't stop watching – it may as well be a drug, and it can’t be because of the contestants' intelligent wit or their fashion sense. This is where Marcus Akin comes in.

If I could advise anyone not to wear a white wife beater (everyday for three months, may I add) it would be Marcus. A cocktail of horrendous hair, scary beard, and several leather items does not add much to the mix. In my opinion, leave the wife beater to the man who made it – the OC’s Ryan Atwood.

And finally, keeping to the X Factor theme, (as I haven’t met anyone who truly dislikes it) my final fashion disaster… JEDWARD.

Love them or hate them, there is something very wrong about post-pubescent identical twins loving dressing in identical PVC. 

I don’t think the ladies will be screaming so loud for this when they have the oh so cool Mr Murs to contend with…

Written by Kate Tudor.

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