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Monday, 22 February 2010

Irrational Club Wear.

Discussing the 2010 party trends.
A Short Rant.

While most of us hit the town in a standard dress and heels, there are always those who’ll do anything for attention, good or bad. Here are just a few trends that I will never be “cool” enough to understand...

Wearing sunglasses in a dark room seems to go against everything they were designed for. After a few vodka and cranberries my vision goes slowly downhill so I can imagine that wearing sunglasses would be disastrous. Those grill sunglasses are even more infuriating. Are you Kanye West? No? Then put them down.

Grinding on a decent-looking guy does not count as ballet and hopefully never will.  Maybe leotards are acceptable if you wear a skirt/ shorts over them but on their own they look ridiculous.

More of a guys trend but I have seen many girls borrowing their boyfriend’s caps and slyly keeping them on for the rest of the night. One of my guy mates says he wears his so that his hair “doesn’t look sweaty.” Basically, in order to have nice hair, you have to look like a tit. I’m unconvinced.

The Padded Coat
Amazing when standing in the queue outside a club but should definitely be left in the cloakroom once through the doors. Everyone can see that you’re overheating and are just wearing it to be “alternative”. Plus, you’re taking up half the bar with your oversized coat.

Written by Jo Bancroft.