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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sportswear Luxe.

 Considering Spring/Summer '10 trends.

Sportswear luxe? Jog on please!
Adidas have announced that their collaboration with Stella McCartney will run into 2010.

The sporting giant is pleased to continue what it calls “an inspirational partnership,” with Stella creating a range of products for running, swimming and the gym.

It’s all in aid of fashion’s latest buzz-phrase: sportswear luxe.

Or the biggest oxymoron if ever I heard one.

Paul McCartney’s youngest daughter reckons you don’t have to “sacrifice your style for sport.”

Pull the other one, love. There is nothing luxurious about sport.

Running on the treadmill for five hours listening to "Pump up the Jam: the workout edition" on repeat is not made any more bearable with a Stella McCartney label in the back of your vest.

In the gym you have sweat dripping down your face, your hair is tied back in a pony-tail and you’re face is redder than John Terry’s.

Designer clothes are not going to make the process of working out any more enjoyable.

According to Grazia however sportswear this season isn’t just confined to the gym.

Apparently we will all soon be traipsing to work in our jogging bottoms and Chloe two-tone heeled trainers.

Some things in life: Lady Gaga and Elton John, John and Edward, Russell Brand and Katy Perry, should never have been paired together.

Heels and sweat pants should be added to this list. Pretending that sportswear is luxurious is absurd.

A hoodie and an old pair of trackie bottoms are what you change into at the end of a hard working day and wear to slob out in front of Eastenders.

Not to a boardroom meeting.

Written by Sarah Barns.

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