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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

How to Wear Nude Tones

We work out how to wear the trickier trends.

I love using bold colours and patterns to make statement outfits so to hear that this season was all about neutral tones was quite disappointing. Aren’t these colours a little... erm... boring? 

In the first fashion shows of 2010, designers proved that less is definitely more. Models strutted down the runway in pieces that showed that nude shades can help you achieve an effortless air of classic elegance and style. 

Your first step to stylish nudity should be a timeless mac. Detective Columbo sported the beige mac and he always looked good. The colour is so versatile that you can trust your mac will be fit for all occasions. Take a leaf out of Columbo's book, and a coat from his wardrobe, and hunt down this simple, chique classic. Plus, a little detective twist to an outfit adds an air of mystery and always goes down well. 

I’ve been wary of white trousers because, to quote my mother, they’re just not practical. Well forget what your mother told you and stand out from the crowd by stepping away from the over worn jeans and don some beige or khaki trousers. They’re incredibly flattering on your figure and hide any scuff your pristine white trousers would eagerly point out.

When flashing the flesh tones, it is important that you choose a shade that does not wash you out. Olive tones can wear beige and khaki tones with ease, but if you have very fair skin you should look for pastel colours like pale pink, brown, and blue as most "flesh" coloured ware will probably be darker than your actual skin (as WNC writer Kate Lloyd knows well!) Muted gold and silver shades add a bit of shimmer to an outfit and suit those with very dark skin. 

Don't be afraid to work nude fur, flesh ruffles, khaki tassles or beige sequins in the day. The subtle colour palette tones allows you to work dramatic structure and style in a laidback manner.

It seems that the best place on the highstreet to go and get nude is Miss Selfridge, who have a whole page of their website dedicated to flesh.

Written by Lizzie Lewis.

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