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Monday, 18 January 2010

Fashion Influences.

Influences on Rosanna's wardrobe.


Before writing this article I had a sneaky browse through my wardrobe to see what influences my fashion sense (bad idea –an excuse to try on clothes and delve into reels of glitter and velvet and memorable fashion mishaps? Goodbye revision.) 

It seems that if I had to sum up my fashion style in one word, it would definitely be ECLECTIC. From tweed pencil skirts to feather fringed cardigans to tie dye scarves, I’ve worn them all! 

One of my main fashion influences would have to be my Chinese background. Half my family are from Hong Kong and I seem to be drawn to oriental style, colours and patterns. I love the silks and floral motifs associated with traditional Chinese fashion. 

Recently I found a Chinese smoking jacket in COW Sheffield and now rarely take it off! Its only as I’ve got older that I’ve had the confidence to wear these more unusual items. Teamed with neutral tones and understated accessories they can make an ensemble more fresh and unusual without making you look like you belong in an ‘Around the World’ display!

Ever since I could walk, I’ve danced, and I can definitely see how this has manifested in my clothes collection. I own many a tutu style skirt and over the last couple of months I’ve been searching for my old leotards to wear with high wasted skirts or under denim shirts with a belt on a night out. 

There’s a four year old ballet dancer inside me screaming out to be adorned with ribbons, glitter, feathers, chiffon skirts and dresses, and just sometimes, I let her! (I draw a line at the leg warmers though!)

My final fashion influence emerges from my slightly, SLIGHTLY emo teenage years. I must admit I spent much of my time aged 14-16 sitting in a skate park and listening to Taking Back Sunday, and I don’t think I’ll ever quite let go off my obsession with skull jewellery.

I'd like to think my styles grown up a bit since then however, so now I’ve ditched the studded hip belts for studded bags and boots and the band t-shirts are firmly tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt or teamed with a bowler hat and biker boots. I’m loving the high street penchant for black lace, but I have ditched the black lips for rather more flattering shades of berry and plum!

Written by Rosanna Lee.

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